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Computer Moves AirGlide®

Computer Moves AirGlide® Airglide system for computer moves

Computer Moves AirGlide® 

Computer Moves AirGlide® Safe Movement of Computer Equipment

Computer moves AirGlide® must be safe and secure. Our exclusive AirGlide® system takes the worry and cost out of relocating your computers and electronics. Admiral Movers will bubble wrap each piece of computer hardware with a heavy gauge anti-static bubble wrap. All pieces are numbered to ensure that the right printers, monitors, and servers move and arrive at your new location together. We will then lock each piece down on a computer cart to assure a safe, “bump free” move to your new location. Many times regular office movers or clients call us in just to employ AirGlide® system for computer moves.

Admiral’s Exclusive AirGlide® System is the “Gold Standard”

Admiral’s exclusive AirGlide® System is the “Gold Standard” for the safe movement of any sensitive equipment. The smooth relocation on cushion of air, is better than when it shipped from the factory. AirGlide® is not only great for computers, servers, electronics and lab equipment. It is absolutely the best way to ship medical equipment of all types. We have used the AirGlide® systems for 25 years moving whole hospitals, labs, medical facilities and data centers and not once have we had the least bit of damage.

Versatility, reliability, and the special casters are an important piece of the puzzle.

We stock computer and electronics carts in several depths, sizes and configurations to suit any type of equipment but all feature the super smooth ride that allows for an error-free move every time. Truth be known, computer manufacturers wish they had our AirGlide® system because of its speed, safety and reliability. Call (334) 262-6666 today and let us provide a FREE no cost, no obligation survey of your needs. Admiral is your total solutions provider for all your moving, storage and logistics needs. IT Relocation Support Services specializes in relocating computer systems, servers, medical equipment and lab equipment, and since it is a division of Admiral Mover you can rest easy knowing it is being handled by the pros. For computer moves AirGlide® is the answer.

AirGlide® System is Perfect for the Transportation of:

If you need to decommission your computer equipment we can do this as well by triple drilling the hard drive, or facilitating the DOD approved double swipe data removal. We can then send your retired equipment to a safe and environmentally sensitive recycling facility. Since we recycle everything and use no boxes with the AirGlide® system it is environmentally friendly.

If you would like to know more about computer moves AirGlide® call 334-262-6666 or fill out the form to the right.


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